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Some   More   Crack-ups!

Mommy, I saw Bill kissing Hilary! I didn't know she dyed her hair black!

Q:Why did Clinton name his dog "Stains"? A:He liked saying "Cum Stains!"

Q:Why did the judge call Clinton's cat to the stand? A:The pussy had all the evidence

Q:Where does Clinton like to golf? A:At the Sexual Inter Course

Q:Why does he like to golf there? A:He gets free cigars

Q:How did they finally arrest Clinton? A:Monica coughed up the evidence

Q:What's the difference between Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones? A:Close, but no cigar

Q:What does a pop machine and Lewinsky have in common? A:The both have signs that say "Insert Bill Here"

Q:Why can't Lewinsky be a secretary? A:Because she sucked as an intern

Did you know that they were going to upgrade Hurricane Mitch to Hurricane Monica, but it wasn't blowing hard enough!


The Fun Continues: ...with blond jokes!

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