The Offical Padiddle Page
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Chances are, you've heard that phrase before sometime now or then in a car. Just in case you haven't, that phrase is shouted when a passenger sees a car with one headlight on, and one headlight off. Here is a set of offical and more complex rules for those extreme padiddlers:

Official Rules

1. When a padiddle car (one headlight on, one off) is in sight, viewer yells "padiddle" and touches the ceiling, and recieves 1 point. NOTE: More points are rewarded in Extreme Padiddle.
2. If a passanger yells "padiddle" when no padiddle car is in sight, or when that car has been said, the caller loses 1 point.
3. If there is ever a controversy over who called it first, no points are rewarded.

Extreme Padiddle

Padiddle - 1 pt.
Padiddle and only one parking light on - 2 pt.
Padiddle and no parking lights - 3 pt.
Padiddle and only one flood light - 3 pt.
Police Car Padiddle - 3 pt.
Ambulance/Fire Truck Padiddle - 5 pt.
Plow Padiddle in winter - 5 pt.
Plow Padiddle in spring or fall - 10 pt.
Plow Padiddle in summer - 15 pt.
Any other commercial vehicle Padiddle - 2pt.

NOTE: A special car + a special bonus can be added together, ex: Police Car Padiddle(3) + Only one parking light(2) = 5pt.